Pious Union of St Joseph
Become a Promoter

If you are a member of the Pious Union of St Joseph, you may have already begun to promote Saint Louis Guanella’s mission of prayer to St Joseph for suffering and dying people.

If you desire to do more:

  1. Promote the Pious Union of St Joseph in your parish or prayer community through personal contacts
  2. Distribute The Voice of Providence magazine
  3. Distribute St Joseph in my Pocket prayer cards.
  4. Send the names and addresses of prayerful people in your family or community to the Pious Union of St Joseph 953 E Michigan Ave Grass Lake MI 49240.  Fr. Satheesh will send a letter and prayer packet to them with information about the Pious Union and a copy of our magazine.
  5. Work with your pastor to promote devotion to St Joseph in your parish.  The Pious Union will supply you with prayer cards and devotional materials for your pastor when he makes a request.

Is there a price put on devotion to our dear patron?

We will not put a price on a spiritual gift.  We believe that devotional materials exist to help people pray and we are glad and rejoice if we can offer them for free.  If you are unable to make a donation for materials, we are often able to supply them without charge.

The Pious Union depends upon members and promoters, friends of St Joseph and readers of the magazine to support our shared mission of prayer.  As you can imagine, office expense, printing and postage are not available to us without a fee.  So, we depend upon your generosity and we believe your donations, large and small, express God’s Divine Providence in the World.

We offer the following suggested donations to help recoup the costs.  If you are filled with enthusiasm and low on resources; please don’t worry, God will provide.

Magazine 5 Issues to distribute (bi-monthly)

$1.00 each

Holy Cloak in Honor of St. Joseph

$5.00 each

Holy Cloak Quantities of more than 5 copies

$3.00 each

Prayer Cards

$0.10 each


$0.05 each