Greetings from the Shrine of St. Joseph!

I look forward to welcoming you and your group in person.

During your visit you will have as much time as you like for personal prayer in the Shrine Sanctuary or for enjoying the seasonal beauty of the grounds.

Mass is offered daily by the Servants of Charity.  Confession is heard before and after Mass and Anointing of the Sick is given upon request.

The Shrine is a place of peace and respite, of prayer and reflection.  You are welcomed here every day of the year.

With help from the St. Joseph Women’s Guild, I would also like to assist you with the details of your visit.  It is our mission to provide a pleasant and comfortable place for groups and individuals to eat lunch, rest, read or converse while they are visiting the Shrine.  The Holy Family Pastoral Center, where our US founder, Fr Germano Pegoraro, first welcomed pilgrims, offered Holy Mass and published Now and at the Hour magazine, has been converted to hospitality areas for pilgrims and the local community.

With advance notice the Women’s Guild can provide snacks or Coffee, tea and cookies.   

Small gifts are available in the Gift Shop 

Please begin by sending me a little information about yourself and your group.  You will receive a pilgrimage packet in the mail and a call from me or from my trusty assistant. 

If you wish to speak to us immediately please call the office at 517-522-8017.

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