The Shrine of St. Joseph

 St. Joseph, Patron of the suffering and dying, is doing it again. He was the one who first inspired his friends and benefactors to begin what some of us thought was impossible.

The Shrine of St. Joseph at the Pious Union was begun 20 years ago and the building goes on today in honor of our great patron, St Joseph. The Shrine is simply beautiful, inviting prayer and meditation. It is an oasis of peace.

The Sanctuary is feeling a little too small and our Priests and Nuns are having some difficulties in accommodating larger groups of pilgrims and properly serving Sunday Masses.

Some benefactors, moved by St. Joseph, encouraged us in words and deeds by providing seed money for expansion and little by little. This year things began to move very fast, sometimes too fast, with more friends coming forward. In the spring we met with an architect, selected our builder and on Monday, October 10th, the construction began.

We feel St. Joseph and St. Louis Guanella are getting together to help us to continue. Would you like to join them?   We know the power of prayer and ask you to pray for us.  We also know the power of the widows might and ask for your donations at whatever amount you can offer.

St Joseph calls us; he attracts us to pray for suffering and dying people and as we benefit so many others, eventually we become the beneficiaries of each other’s prayers in our last moment on earth.

Please join us is honoring St Joseph by expanding his Shrine and welcoming more pilgrims, offering prayers, Rosaries, Masses and seeking his intercession.

O St. Joseph, Foster Father of Jesus Christ and true Spouse of the Virgin Mary, pray for us and for the suffering and dying of today.

Today, our pocketbook is $60,000.00 short of the mark. We know we can fill this purse with your help and your prayers to our dear St Joseph.