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Guanellian Books, prayer cards and devotional materials are translated from the Italian and published in the United States through the Pious Union of St Joseph

Some publications are available in smaller quantities and offered only while supplies last.

Books in short supply will be published as funding becomes available. If you select a book that is out of stock you will be given the option of selecting another title.

The Holy Cloak in Honor of St. Joseph

Holy Cloak in Honor of St Joseph

One of the oldest and dearest devotions leads us to meditate and understand St. Joseph’s virtues and his role in the history of salvation for the Church and each one of us. When our spirit takes refuge under his Holy Cloak we become members of his family with Jesus and Mary. We are protected, guided and sheltered from all evil. This devotion is perfect for anticipating his Feast on March 19th and any time we feel the need for his special assistance and want to be members of the Holy Family.

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The Guanellian Way to Pray the Rosary

Over one hundred years ago Saint Guanella, a fervent devotee of the Blessed Mother, published a booklet entitled Mezz’ora di Buona Preghiera (Half an Hour of Great Prayer.)

August 15,1889 Pope Leo XIII published the encyclical Quamquam Pluries in which he instructed the faithful that the Rosary is an effective spiritual instrument against the evils of society. Fr. Louis Guanella responded by writing these prayers.

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 Voice of Providence

The Voice of Providence; Now and at the Hour

The Voice of Providence, pastoral magazine of the Pious Union of St Joseph, can be read on the Shrine of St Joseph-Pious Union of St Joseph website or delivered to your home or Parish. It is published six times a year and filled with articles written by the members of the Guanellian Family, both clergy and laity. It is written with regard to the liturgical season and contains stories of the Guanellian Missions, the Pious Union of St Joseph and the Shrine and very generously illustrated in full color. Quantities of the magazine are available to Promoters for distribution in Parishes, community apostolate or prayer groups.

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Blessed Clare Bosatta: A Guanellian Mystic

Blessed Clare Bosatta: A Guanellian Mystic

I have recently read a delightful and amazing biography of Blessed Clare Bosatta. This book contains fifty pages narrating, in awe and admiration, how a beautiful, bright and young girl falls in love with Jesus in the mystery of His passion and death on the cross. Through the contemplation of this mystery she ascends to a high level of mystic spirituality that even baffled her Spiritual Director, St. Louis Guanella. She died at the young age of29, offering her life for the poor she served. She was the first victim of the Guanellian Family.

The saints are ignored in life and seldom understood. Their way of life keeps them apart from what is considered "normal:’ They die unexpectedly and arouse public attention. They accomplish great marvels that exceed the laws of nature and we call them miracles. The fame of the sanctity of Sister Clare spread soon. She was proclaimed "Blessed" by Blessed John Paul II on April 21, 1991.

Parable of a Good Samaritan

Parable of a Good Samaritan

The sequence of one hundred stories, illustrated by artist Bill Shurlitf, captures the real Father Guanella in action and in ecstasy. They are almost bedtime stories, but they did not put me to sleep. They touched me, inspired me and challenged me at the same time.

This is the nature of these parables. Some are humorous, some engaging, others captivating, surprising and amazing. All of them reveal Father Guanella’s communion with God, trust in Divine Providence and love for the poor.

It’s hard to define holiness.

This book taught me that holiness is God’s masterful work in a human heart to carve it in His own image and likeness.

Spiritual Pages

Spiritual Pages

St. Louis Guanella wrote about every conceivable aspect of faith, but he was not a theorist, he was practical.
His concern was not so much to explain what the faith is, as to tell people how to live the faith. His main interest was to help Catholics to apply what they believe to their daily lives.

The booklet Spiritual Pages can assist and benefit the faith of every person regardless of age, gender and education. The spirituality of St. Louis Guanella is based on Jesus’s life: prayer, love and self-discipline. The book is organized by topics and vocations. It offers opportunities of grace and spiritual food to all who are called by the Spirit to imitate Jesus more closely. St. Louis Guanella invites all of us: Take and eat …

On the Tomb of the Deceased

On the Tomb of the Deceased

The Pious Union of St. Joseph is a Pontifical Association of believers who pray every day for the suffering and dying. It was founded by St. Louis Guanella in 1913 and now counts more than 2 million members all over the world.

St. Louis Guanella had an extreme devotion for the holy souls in Purgatory. For this reason he wrote a series of meditations in prayerful honor to the faithful departed.

The book includes two Novenas: one for prayer in preparation for the celebration of All Saints and All Souls on November l and 2 and the other one for prayer after All Souls Day.

For each day, St. Louis Guanella offers a meditation, a prayer and a practical reflection for our faith and daily life.

These Novenas can be used for prayer and meditation for the terminal suffering and dying person after the funeral. They can also be used anytime our heart wants to be closer to our beloved ones for comfort, encouragement and reassurance.

The Heart of a Father

The Heart of a Father

This poignant booklet of one hundred pages is the last written by Fr. Tito Credaro, a Guanellian priest, who studied, lived and extensively wrote about the Guanellian spirituality. Fr. Tito loves Father Guanella and his congregation, the Servants of Charity.

In The Heart of a Father, he gives us the reason why he loves Father Guanella and his Religious Family so much. This book gets an added credit now that Father Guanella is a Saint.

Fr. Tito reveals in his book the depths of Father Guanella’s heart. Father Guanella’s Spirituality is based on the Paternity of God who gave His Divine Son to redeem His human children. Father Guanella tried all his life to imitate God the father by giving everything of himself and his possessions to the poor, the handicapped and the elderly, the weakest and the most vulnerable among our brothers and sisters.

I found this book to be addictive: once you start, you don’t want to put it down. It will challenge your faith while you learn more about God, the Father.

Oh Father! Oh Mother!

Oh Father! Oh Mother!

Father Guanella wrote these reflections for the feasts of the Lord and of the Blessed Mother during three consecutive years for a Catholic newspaper In Milan, Italy. Later, he published them in this book for all to enjoy, pray and meditate. These contemplations are touching and inspiring, leading souls closer to God.

Each reflection starts with a theological explanation of the feast day. The second part deals with the spiritual benefits from the contemplation of the mystery in the life of Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

Each meditation concludes with practical suggestions for a more intense Christian life, through pertinent and provoking questions.

In these reflections I discovered aspects of the Life of Jesus and Mary that 1 have never considered before. There is prayer and food for the soul at the same time.

St Joseph Medal

This generously proportioned and beautifully cast medal of our dear patron St Joseph holding baby Jesus was created and blessed by Fr Germano Pegoraro SdC and forged in Italy for the members of the Pious Union of St Joseph in the United States. Sanctus Josephus (St Joseph) haloes the images of St Joseph and Jesus on the face of the medal and The Pious Union of St Joseph’s Death is raised upon a radiant background on the reverse side.This medal is worn by members of the Pious Union of St Joseph during their lives and very often buried with them as a precious remembrance of their dependence upon his intercession during their earthly lives and in anticipation of being with him and his Holy Family in heaven.

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St. Joseph in my Pocket Prayer Card

St. Joseph in my Pocket Prayer Card (Packet of 50)

Packets of 50 prayer cards to help you spread devotion to St Joseph and encourage prayer in your community for a happy holy death for all who are suffering and dying. The card folds in half and fits inside your pocket or wallet. Message on back reads “I am a Catholic” “If I have been injured or if I am sick, please call a Catholic Priest.” The prayer of the Pious Union of St Joseph is on the inside of the card.

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The Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross

Written and illustrated by Fr Germano Pegoraro, SdC These prayers are offered in the Shrine of St Joseph during Lent and distributed widely among the members of the Pious Union of St Joseph for personal meditation throughout the year.

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 The Life, the Spirit and the Works of Father Louis Guanella

The Life, the Spirit, and the Works of Father Louis Guanella

This is the best and most complete biography of Father Guanella. Leonardo Mazzucchi, the author was the successor to Fr. Guanella as Superior General of the Servants of Charity and the spiritual leader of the entire Guanellian Family.Author: Leonardo Mazzucchi, SdC Pages: 515 Illustrations: 70 Imprimatur: + Alphonse, Bishop – Como, December 18, 1920

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Father Louis Guanella Samaritan Priest

Father Louis Guanella Samaritan Priest by Juan Bautista Aguado

Published in English in 2011, this short biography of a Saint very simply introduces some of the reasons and intuitions that moved Father Guanella in his ministry of charity, often touching hearts and enriching the lives of the readers. In receiving these hints of Guanellian spirituality the reader is led to see part of the mind and soul of this humble “Samaritan Priest” in a revealing and entertaining story form. This is a lovely first look at the life of Saint Louis Guanella.

An excellent addition to your homeschool reading list

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A Priest from the Mountain, Father of the Poor

Father Louis Guanella, A Priest from the Mountain, Father of the Poor

“This publication is offered to all people ‘of good will’ in the hope that it will reawaken in them the desire to walk on the path of holiness with greater fervor, following in the footsteps of Fr. Louis Guanella; and foster generous feelings for the civil and moral growth of the People of God, so that the future may evolve, following an agenda of hope, and the expectations of the poor may become understandable and achievable.”General Postulator, Fr. Mario Carrera, Rome – January 25, 2011

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His Brothers Keeper

His Brother’s Keeper – Saint Louis Guanella, Servant of Charity

This is a shorter but most excellent way to learn what Saint Louis and his work of charity is all about. It is a great book to pass on to friends and relatives, very interesting without the precise details of the more complete biography of Leonardo Mazzucchi, SdC.Author: Marie C. Buehrle Editor: Fr. Peter Di Tullio, SC Pages: 65 Illustrations: 22 Imprimatur: Most Rev. Cletus F. O’Donnel, JCD – Vicar General, Archd. of Chicago – July 14, 1946 Nihil Obstat: Reverend Eugene J. McClory

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Give Bread and the Lord

Give Bread and the Lord

“You need bread for the soul and bread for the body…” said Saint Louis Guanella more than one hundred years ago. Modern man, although we live in an age of progress and a land of plenty, is always hungry: hungry for material food, the lack of which causes millions of deaths each year and hungry for God, without whom man, in the midst of abundance, experiences anguish.The heritage of thought, activity and work of this exceptional man points us in right ways to help satisfy the hungers of our world. His invitation to “Give bread and the Lord” seems more valid than ever and is directed to us all.

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 Don Luigi Guanella His Story is Called Hope

Don Luigi Guanella – His Story is Called Hope

This glossy large format book is resplendent with photographs and illustration. Reading through it is an excellent way to get to know the Servants of Charity and the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence. The early pages focus on Fr. Guanella with most of it’s pages portraying the continued works, carried on by his religious institutes, in the world today. This is a good companion book to the Basic Document of the Guanellian Mission.Author: Mario Carrera Pages: 64 Illustrations: 97

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Basic Document for the Guanellian Mission

The Basic Document outlines the complete plan for the Servants of Charity and Daughters of St Mary of Providence for operating in the field of charity and helping the poor all over the world. It offers the principles, goals and means to accomplish God’s work according to the spirituality and charism of Saint Louis Guanella: a practical way to follow and live the Gospel.

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