St. Joseph Feast Day

Happy St. Joseph Feast Day to one and all. We need to look to St. Joseph for constant guidance and protection of the World, of the Church, and of our families. You are remembered in prayer this day before our Altar of St. Joseph in the Shrine in Grass Lake, MI. If you care to know more about our ministry please go to May St. Joseph bring you comfort and peace.

Happy Lent :)

Welcome to the Springtime of the Soul cleaning party. We are so fortunate that Holy Mother Church thinks about the “cleaning up” of our spiritual life as well as our physical surroundings. There are so many special graces available to each of us during this time of the year that it would be “sinful” (generally speaking) if we did not take advantage of the graces of Lent.

This is the time to put “back in order” all those little idiosyncracies that have taken us off the straight and narrow path to salvation. I keep all of you in prayer as you begin to think about what exactly God is leading you to improve in your life. Taking small steps is the best way to go so we do not get discouraged when we fall off the path. But remember we can pick up again where we left off and the Good Lord will be soooooo happy we did 🙂

May your Springtime of the soul fill you with renewed vim and vigor for the things above!  Happy Lent, Sr. Margaret Mary

We have a new saint … SAINT LOUIS GUANELLA

Hello dear friends of the Pious Union of St. Joseph. I have just returned from the Canonization of our Founder and am most pleased to share our excitement with you! It was a wonderful experience being in St. Peter’s Square with His Holiness Benedict XVI. The ceremony was beautiful and we were all pleased to hear Fr. Guanella referred to as a “Champion for the defense of life.” What a wonderful New Saint for the Pro-Life Movement to take ahold of! Fr. Guanella believed in the dignity of life for All persons normal or disabled, young or old, sick or healthy, rich or poor. He taught us that everyone is entitled to be loved by others and can love back regardless of their frailty.

Each one of you and your special intentions were remembered in my prayers during the pilgrimage in Italy. I even had the privilege to visit the original Pious Union of St. Joseph Shrine that was built in 1912 in Rome by Saint Louis Guanella. And by the grace of God 4 of our Sisters made their Perpetual Profession that same day. Two were from Brazil, one from India, and one from Romania. How Good God is!!!

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers and be assured of a remembrance in my daily prayers also.

In Joseph and his Son, Sr. Margaret Mary